The city of Kolkata had been a significant center for trade and commerce since the colonial times. Over the years, the urbanizing drive witnessed further developments as the city became a foundation of socio-cultural changes that were taking over the entire country. Today, Kolkata is considered to be one of the most important cities, both as a tourist attraction as well as for business and commercial reasons.

The location of Hotel 233 Park Street ensures its guests an easy access to the various landmarks and significant locations, spread all over the city and catering to the diverse preference and needs of each individual guest.

Some of the most noteworthy locations, being grouped into categories, in the vicinity of Hotel 233 Park Street are as follows:-

1. Lifestyle & Entertainment

a. Park Street – The hotel itself is located on Park Street, which can be aptly described as the lifestyle capital of the city. Whether its fancy restaurants or colorful pubs and nightclubs, Park Street is definitely among the most important destinations in the city.

b. Shopping malls – Irrespective of a business trip or an idle vacation, Shopping malls hold an important position for every one and more so for those staying away from home. Malls around the hotel are Forum (1.5 kms), South City (4.7 kms) and Mani Square (7 kms). There is a new upcoming mall called Spencers Galleria, one of the largest in Eastern India, which is located just 0.5 km away.

c. Theater halls – The city of Kolkata has a rich and glorious tradition of theater with names such as Girish Ghosh, Sambhu Mitra, Badal Sarkar and Utpal Dutt among many other notables associated with this traditions. Watching a play at a theater is one of the most popular pastimes in the city. The important theater halls around the hotel are Gyan Manch (1.7 kms), Kala Mandir (0.6 kms), Nandan (2kms) and Rabindra Sadan (2kms).

d. China Town – The large Chinese settlement in the heart of the city is an ode to Kolkata’s thriving cosmopolitan spirit. The China Town, renowned for its authentic Chinese Cuisine and that too at a reasonable rate,is only 2.5 kms away from 233 Park Street.

2. Religion

a. Birla Mandir – The imposing temple of White Marble erected by the industrialist Birla family, is dedicated primarily to Lord Krishna. Merely 1.5kms away from the hotel, it is an important hub for devotees and tourists alike.

b. Missionaries of Charity - Missionaries of Charity is a Roman Catholic religious congregation established in 1950 by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Today it is recognized and revered worldwide for its charitable work. Their main home is located at a distance of 1 km.

c. St. Paul`s Cathedral - St. Paul`s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral of the Church of North India. Built in a Gothic Revival style, the place, located 2 kms away, holds equal appeal for the religious as well as for those who simply turn up to appreciate its architectural beauty.

d. Nakhoda Masjid -The Nakhoda Masjid is the principal mosque of Kolkata situated at the intersection of Zakariya Street and Rabindra Sarani at a distance of 4.7kms from the hotel. The mosque is the most significant religious hub for the Islamic community as well as the only major instance of Mughal architecture in the city.

3. Special Interest

a. Science City - Science City, Kolkata is the largest science center in the Indian subcontinent. Located 3 kms away from the hotel, it is considered to be the most intriguing landmark in post-independence Kolkata, introducing people to the basic principles of science and technology in innovative and exciting manner.

b. Indian Museum – It is the largest museum in India founded in 1814. It is located on Jawaharlal Nehru Road at a distance of 2 kms.

c. Victoria Memorial – The most recognizable architectural marvel of the city and dedicated to Queen Victoria, this structure lies 2.5 kms from the hotel. It currently serves as a museum and a tourist attraction as well.

d. Birla Planetarium – Standing almost adjacent to the Victoria Memorial campus, this iis the largest planetarium in Asia and with its circular dome is yet another most easily recognizable component of the city’s skyline. Located 2km from 233 Park Street, it holds multiple and multi-lingual celestial programs throughout the day.

4. Business

a. EM Bypass – The most important strip of road on the eastern side of the city, it runs for 21 km connecting Bidhannagar on the northeast to Kamalgazi on the southern fringes. This stretch of road serves as the gateway to the IT Hub at Sector V / New Town. The nearest connecting point of EM Bypass to 233 Park Street is only 3kms away.

b. Dalhousie Square - Presently known as BBD Bagh, it is the seat of power of the state government, as well as the central business district in Kolkata. The square lies 4kms away from the hotel.

c. Milan Mela Convention Center – Located 3kms from the hotel and bang opposite the science city, Milan Mela is currently one of the city’s most popular venues for cultural as well as corporate conventions. It is also the current address for the annual Kolkata Book Fair.

d. Tollygunge Film Studio– Right from the silent era of New Theatres, Kolkata and Film culture have been almost synonymous. The recent boom in the Bengali Film Industry has turned the Tollygunge Film Studios, located 7 kms away, into major economic hubs of the city.

5. Transport facilities / Connectivity

Hotel 233 Park Street is not only advantageous in terms of accessing the significant landmarks within the city, but is also well connected in terms of the distances from the stations, bus terminus and airports too. The various distances from the hotel are listed below.

a. Sealdah Station - 3 kms
b. Howrah Station - 6 kms
c. Airport - 16 kms
d. Esplanade Bus Terminus - 3.1 kms