The Inspiration – Recapturing the old world charms

Kolkata’s cultural heritage can be traced back to multiple influences and that too via manifold threads.Whether as a domain under the Sultunate and ruled by Nawabs or as The most significant center ftrade and commerce during the British Raj, the city resonates with almost palpable historical vibes withits roads and buildings, mansions and meadows and lakes and gardens. The reign of the Zamindarsfurther witnessed a fable like rise in luxury and opulence.The zamindars or the landlords not just merely amassed wealth but also indulged in a lifestyle that hadleft indelible marks not only in their living rooms in the old mansions but also in the prevailing culture ofthe city, its cuisine and even the customs of hospitality.

Hotel 233 Park Street – A destination, back in time

Keeping in tune with the rich culture and lifestyle of Kolkata, Hotel 233 Park Street is much more than a hospitality endeavor targeted at providing accommodations for the guests and patrons. Located right on the seven point crossing in Park Circus, the hotel stands like a haven where the old world, with all its ways and charms, rests sheltered within its walls. This vintage boutique hotel, placed in the ground floor of an imposing Colonial mansion is a result of a cherished idea by its owner, a passionate antique collector himself, to offer not only the best in comfort and amenities, but also a slice of the city’s cultural history to make one’s vacation in Kolkata truly memorable.

Right from the copper lined brass canopy above the front door to the dome shaped lobby and reception area, history comes alive within these walls unlike any other hotel in Kolkata. The lodging facilities offer an assortment of choicest rooms, all of them distinct in layout and décor. They are furnished with a variety of antique furniture, ranging from mahogany to Burma teak, each one of them coming from the owner’s personal collections. The melange of Zamindari with Nawabi and Colonial style with the tapestries, lamp shades, curtains and wall paintings successfully lends each of the room, an identity and character of its own. The exquisite mirror work, further enhances the impression of the space, taking one back in time and lending the necessary dynamics to the tastefully done interiors.

Besides the unique and striking old worldly ways, this hotel on Park Street has other practical advantages as well. The chief among them would be the benefits of a centralized location, which will allow the guests to access every nook and corner of the city with equal ease (the surrounding areas include important business districts such as Park Street, Minto Park, BBD Bagh and Chowringhee as well as significant neighborhoods such as Gariahat, Ballygunge, Bhawanipore and China Town), be it a business trip or a holiday in Kolkata. While the flagrant aura of the colonial past certainly holds the most primary appeal, the much necessary modern touches such as the availability of high speed internet connection in each room, ensure a synergy between the charming nostalgia and the comforts of contemporary living. The advanced security system with CCTV cameras, smoke alarms and emergency fire exits further guarantees complete safety to the guests.

Looking Ahead – A new era of old world hospitality

As the hotel opens the gate, it marks the inception of a new era in the hospitality tradition of the city. It can be said that in Hotel 233 Park Street, Kolkata is not merely their geographical location but rather an experience of stepping back in time and embracing the luxuries of the past. No other hotel, whether in Park Street or anywhere else in the city, offers this unique confluence of the traditional Zamindari, Nawabi and Colonial lifestyle. Be it the sparkling white marble floors, the ornate poster bed or the antique lamp shade, staying at 233 Park Street ensures a string of memories for the guests. Furthermore, the place is built on a principle that emphasizes on the significance of personal service and precise attention towards the comfort and care of the patrons. It allows the guests to feel at home while enjoying the benefits of the hotel’s location and reliving the magic of the bygone era.